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You might think that, coming from Transylvania, I am obsessed with vampire stories. Well, no, absolutely not. I’ve just discovered now, after exactly 4 years after I had moved to Sankt Eriksplan 9, that I lived in the same building where a violent murder happend in the 1930’s. I don’t live in that building anymore, I moved out in august 2008. However, it feels strange even now, to think about it. Back then, I didn’t have a clue.

Atlasområdet in Stockholm.

How did I find out? My husband asks me one early morning during breakfast: “Gloria, was our rental Sankt Eriksplan 9 or 11, before we moved to where we live now?” I was  surprised that he would ask a question like that, out of the blue. “Why do you ask?” I wondered. And then he told me about this documentary shown on Swedish television, where they weekly present an old murder case. The documentary is called Veckans Brott (something like “The Weekly Crime”). Link above, to watch the relevant part, fast forward till 24:50 (it’s in Swedish, no subtitles, but some cool pictures from the 1930’s can help those who don’t speak Swedish).

We realized that the murder took place in the same building we lived in, in the exact type of appartement we used to rent, but in the other wing of the building. So, somehow, the mirror-image of our flat, with exactly the same position: the window facing the road, the same construction plan etc. That’s why my husband wasn’t sure whether we had number 9 or 11, because on the pictures they showed in the documentary, it reminded very much of our old flat at number 9.

This is what the construction plan of the murder scene looks like. Our former apartment at S:t Eriksplan No. 9 looked very similar.

At the end of April 1932, there was a divorced 31 year-old lady who had the reputation of being a prostitute or call girl who lived on Sankt Eriksplan No. 11 (so not 9, phew!). She was found dead with her skull crushed by a heavy object in her appartement after a couple of days after the murder had taken place. The case was called the “Atlas murder”, as the neighborhood around S:t Eriksplan is known as the “Atlas neighborhood” or Atlasområdet. However, a few days later, there was a soup ladle found in front of the building, with dried blood on it. A journalist full of fantasy wrote a story on that, suggesting the fact that the murderer might have drunk the victim’s blood. No proof of that was found, but the case is still known as “The Vampyre Murder“, due to his article. It’s just speculations. This is an unsolved case to the present day. The police was not able to find a suspect. They didn’t have enough evidence against any of those they tried to identify as suspects.

The news article reporting the murder.

Strange thing, we had our laundry room in that wing, as the building was connected through a corridor. Now when I look back, I must say I always had an uncomfortable feeling when going to the laundry room. Haha, I don’t believe in spooks or anything like that. Maybe it’s just that I’m trying to retroactively make up an interesting story, now that I know the truth. But I did not like that wing of the building at all back then anyway.

Now it’s a bit cool yet scary to look back and be aware of the fact me and my husband lived there…  Otherwise, we had a really good time living on 9 S:t Eriksplan. We had some great parties, dinners with friends and picnics in the parc nearby.

The park in front of the building we used to live in.

I wonder what it feels like for the person living in that very apartment where the murder took place. Do they even know? Maybe it’s not such a big deal. I mean, imagine if we thought of all the horrors and crimes that happened years and years ago. I think at least each square meter on this earth was witness to some atrocity throughout the decades! So cheer up, it’s not that bad if you live in a house haunted by all the spirits of those murdered around there since the beginnings of the world!